My Twitter Tips

Get More Twitter Followers

Here are my techniques for managing your twitter accounts, how to set up your twitter account and get the most out of your time tweeting and most importantly how to get more twitter followers.

Create you profile page and it should look like your company, blog, shop or website,
1. Choose a relevant name for your account my company is Wright Computing LLC my site is and my twitter @wrightcomputing make everything recognizably the same
2. Set your image as your company logo
3. Match the colors settings your other profiles
4. Add detailed info about you company to your profile

Who to follow
1. Select your target market and concentrate on this type of tweeter. If you have a Company in New York follow people from New York look for lists of Newyorkers and follow members of that list
2. Follow your followers and others like you
3. If you market iPhone apps search for iPhone and follow those tweeters
4. Follow all your Fans

What to tweet
1. Try to make your tweets interesting and informative
2. Tweet at frequent intervals, a couple of times a day is better then ten tweets at once then nothing for days
3. Add informative links to your tweets, don’t just always sell your services, give helpful hints, news reports, things that your found interesting
4. Re-Tweet a cool tweet to your followers, they might even retweet your tweets for you
5. Include keywords relevant to your business in your tweets.  The new search feature searches the content of tweets so add strong keywords

Talk to your followers
1. Reply to people who follow you about their tweets
2. Send your followers tweet using the reply function, most people will reply, this can start relationships
3. Offer advice for free and other will share info with you

Invite tweeters to your Social Media
1. Add links to your other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
2. Send an auto Direct Message (DM) to people that follow you. There are many apps but SocialOomph is what I use

Do Not
1. Do not spam or junk tweet users
2. Don’t Tweet the same tweet more then once
3. Don’t tweet thousands of times per day

Test and tune
1. Try  different ways to improve your twitter  following if you have any extra ideas please comment below.
2. Listen to advice from everybody and make up your own mind
3. Write different types of tweets and what sends traffic place.  You can easily track data on a blog so tweet about an article on your blog and see if anyone visits your site

Thanks for reading
I hope my tips will help you increase your twitter following.  If you would like help managing your twitter account then send me an email.  Wright Computing will setup your account and help grow your following we use customized billing as per clients requirement.  We an create your account for as little as $150 and help grow your following starting at $100 per month.  If you are interested please email us at

Happy tweeting people!!!!!

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  1. #1 by wildcatford on January 15, 2011 - 2:44 am

    Great tips man. Going to try these for my acct. Thanks for the comment on my page as well.

  2. #2 by Paul Wright on January 15, 2011 - 2:53 am

    No problem I hope it will help you get more followers and increase traffic to your website.

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