Moving RX8 Accelerator Pedal to help with heel toe braking.

I have been Autocrossing for a couple of months now and have decided to try and do some left foot braking and heel toe braking.  I decided to move the accelerator pedal slightly closer to the brake pedal to enable me to blip the throttle with the right side of my right foot when changing down gear.  This prevents the wheels from locking up due to engine braking when shifting down a gear.

So here is what I did.

This is a picture of what the pedals look like in my Mazda Rx8

Mazda Rx8 pedal setup

Mazda Rx8 Clutch Brake and Accelerator Pedal

Please note the screw indicated by the arrows.

I removed the screws using a small alan key which is connected to my ratchet spanner.  Please note there is a nut on the back which I held it in place with my finger then removed the two screws.

Removing the accelerator pedal in Mazda Rx8

Removing the accelerator pedal in Mazda Rx8

Once I removed the accelerator pedal I moved it to the left and slightly lower and then then replaced the screws into the other holes that were already in the accelerator pedal.

Accelerator moved closer to the brake pedal

Rx8 Pedal moved slightly close to the accelerator

When you look closely at the pedal it does not look as good as it did before but the screws sit completely flush. This makes it easier to make a little blip on the gas when you are changing down a gear.  Saving vital milliseconds on the track and preventing you losing control when you change down a gear.

I am taking the car to the AutoX track in Ft.Myers Tomorrow, here is a video of me driving there last month.

Thanks for reading this post and please tell me what car you drive and what you like about it by replying to this post below.

Happy Racing!

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    your good

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