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Adding Google contacts to your iPad

This is a quick guide to tell you how to add your google contacts to your iPad


  • Back up your contacts on a csv
  • Connect you iPad to you computer and open iTunes
  • Complete any updates that are required
  • Make sure the iPad does not have any contacts on it that you do not want to be added to your google contacts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!

If you are familiar with (R), or even if you are not but you want to make profits online, then you will want to check this out ASAP …

While I like Clickbank, and they are a great marketplace… they are limited to many restrictions to sell products or earn affiliate commissions…

Well, there is a GREAT NEW SERVICE now…

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Have been looking over the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and it looks like it is quite a good program.  I can see some good and bad points about it. Read the rest of this entry »


Moving RX8 Accelerator Pedal to help with heel toe braking.

I have been Autocrossing for a couple of months now and have decided to try and do some left foot braking and heel toe braking.  I decided to move the accelerator pedal slightly closer to the brake pedal to enable me to blip the throttle with the right side of my right foot when changing down gear.  This prevents the wheels from locking up due to engine braking when shifting down a gear.

So here is what I did.

This is a picture of what the pedals look like in my Mazda Rx8

Mazda Rx8 pedal setup

Mazda Rx8 Clutch Brake and Accelerator Pedal

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Headlight Restoration

My head light were really foggy and looked really bad on my Mazda Rx8. I invested $20 and about 20 mins of my time to make them look like new.

This is a photo of how my headlights looked when I started, I taped up the edges to protect my paint from both the drill and the solution.
Click image for larger version  Name:	Before Headlight.jpg Views:	115 Size:	251.4 KB ID:	164780

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My Twitter Tips

Get More Twitter Followers

Here are my techniques for managing your twitter accounts, how to set up your twitter account and get the most out of your time tweeting and most importantly how to get more twitter followers.

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My Droid X Review

I have had my Droid X for a few weeks now and would like to share my opinions of it

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